Saturday, March 31, 2012

Frank Sinatra - The Concert Sinatra CD Review

Written by General Jabbo

The Concert Sinatra is a misleading title as it is not a live concert performance at all. What it is, however, is the sound of Frank Sinatra, Nelson Riddle and a large orchestra pushing the boundaries of recording technology for 1963. The album was recorded using 35mm magnetic film on a motion picture scoring stage. As stereo was in its infancy, multiple recorders were synchronized to take advantage of the full stereo spectrum. The master recording “Magnestripes” have not been used in any subsequent releases of The Concert Sinatra – until now.

Recently discovered by producer Charles Pignone sitting unused in film cans, the original masters are a revelation. More of Nelson Riddle’s fantastic arrangements are present and Sinatra’s voice is warm and upfront in the mix - But what of the music?

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It's A Beautiful Life said...

I always love to listen to his famous song "My Way."

General JABBO™ said...

Thanks. I am a big Sinatra fan myself