Monday, December 17, 2012

Hungarian Rhapsody - Queen Live in Budapest Deluxe Edition Blu-Ray/CD Review

Written by General Jabbo

In 1986, Queen mounted their most ambitious tour yet, a stadium outing for their latest release, A Kind Of Magic. It would prove to be the band’s final tour with their charismatic front man, Freddie Mercury. One of the most memorable stops on the tour — and arguably of the band’s career — came on July 27, 1986, when Queen played Budapest, Hungary. Though there was no money to be made at this gig, it was more important than that. Queen became the first western act to play a stadium show behind the old Iron Curtain, which, for the members of Queen who grew up during the Cold War, was a significant event.

To commemorate the occasion, the show was filmed on 35mm, shown in theaters in Europe and eventually released on VHS and laserdisc. It has never gotten a DVD or Blu-ray release, however, until now. The original negatives were scanned at HD quality and a new 5.1 audio mix was created for this new version. Add in a two-CD set of the complete concert and you have Hungarian Rhapsody – Queen Live In Budapest Deluxe Edition.

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